Saturday 20 January 2018

Ugliness of Kate Moss's mile-high meltdown

Kate Moss's in-flight behaviour, says Sarah Caden, showed the point at which a loveable brat becomes a 'basic bitch'

Kate Moss
Kate Moss
Kate Moss

Sarah Caden

A 'basic bitch'. That, apparently, is what Kate Moss called an easyJet pilot last week as she - Moss, mind, not the easyJet employee - was escorted by police from a flight from Turkey to London.

A basic bitch, in case you're wondering, is a workaday Joe Soap without class or status, who gets their hands on the latest trends once they trickle down to the Penneys price range and who is, well, a nobody. Which is to say, not like Kate Moss.

But then, what is Kate Moss? Supermodel or former supermodel? Party girl, or more accurately, party woman who's wearing every year of her fun times on her increasingly mopey-expressioned face? Free-spirited hellraiser or 41-year-old hanging on desperately to that which she should have left behind by now? Which, in the case of last week's antics, included swigging vodka from a bottle hidden in her handbag, one fellow passenger reported, and throwing a hissy fit over the lack of in-flight catering. Now that's what you might call basic.

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