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Fianna Fáil councillor Tom Brabazon annoyed people with his comments on female election candidates:


What a plonker. Not experiencing childbirth precludes all men. Precluding Tom Brabazon a bonus maybe

Dublin actor Aidan Turner's shirtless scenes in Poldark were a big hit:

@Tweet_Dec #Poldark, you say? Looks like my kind of show. Real beefy, muscular drama. Im-pecs-able casting of @AidanTurner

British people love the way we speak:

@Koochykooh A survey of British folk found that in top ten survey of what they love about Irish, no. 1 is the accent so I'm tweeting this in my accent.

Tyrone's ­ultra-defensive football against Dublin (below) provoked a strong response:

@Woolberto Putting 15 men behind the ball, all inside your own 45 metre line, is worse than puke football. It's septic football. New rules please

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