Tuesday 24 April 2018

Trump had glimmers of credibility, but rotting corpse of scandals in his past bars him from the White House

Tim Stanley

The third and final debate was the best behaved. It was beautifully moderated by Fox's Chris Wallace (you see, they can do fair and balanced).

The focus was on policy, and that handed Donald Trump a chance to prove that he's a credible conservative alternative to Hillary Clinton. There were glimmers of credibility. Alas, they were hidden behind the dark clouds of his personality.

For anyone right of centre, this election is not as simple as everyone else thinks it is. Yes, Trump is a dreadful man. "Disgusting" to use his words. But Clinton has an alarming agenda. We heard her promise the largest jobs programme since World War II - why? What about 2016 is analogous to total war in the 1940s?

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