Thursday 22 February 2018

This is act of mass murder by an off-beam death cult driven by hatred

We must hit this murderous sect where it hurts - in the poisonous ideology it tries to sow

The gunman’s body after Tunisian police shot him dead
The gunman’s body after Tunisian police shot him dead
The aftermath of Seifeddine Rezgui's crazed rampage at the beach resort of Sousse, captured on video from Tunisia TV1
Islamic terrorist Seifeddine Rezgui

Colonel Tim Collins

As the identity of the tourists murdered among the sun beds and beach balls as they rested on holiday becomes known, so will the call for military action to obliterate the physical manifestation of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant increase. Instead we should wake up and recognise this not as an act of war - but as mass murder by an off-beam religious cult which is in our midst.

The most significant reaction must be from our law enforcement, assisted by the intelligence agencies to round up and close down the death cult, and assist the overstretched and under-resourced Tunisian police.

Remember always, it is a mass murder scene, not a warzone. Had the world, led by the US, kept its head after 9/11, and treated Ground Zero as a huge crime scene instead of blundering into a "war on terror", I believe the scenes we are witnessing around the world now would not be happening.

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