Friday 17 August 2018

The Wolff at the door will change nothing

Apostate: Former White House advisor Steve Bannon. Photo: Getty
Apostate: Former White House advisor Steve Bannon. Photo: Getty

Fergal Keane

No, it doesn't really matter at all. I don't believe it changes anything. The book is at times astonishing, always grimly fascinating. But despite the acres of agonised columnising about the dysfunctional White House revealed by Michael Wolff, his book Fire and Fury is ultimately an entertainment, fascinating and often comedic in its detail but adding little, if anything, to the bigger picture.

Wolff does not really tell us anything new about the character of Donald Trump.

Before his election, Trump's critics railed against a man they saw as an intemperate, ignorant bully who boasted of sexually assaulting women, who mocked a disabled journalist, a reality TV star who spoke and tweeted in the capital letters of tabloid headlines, a man they might easily loath but had no real reason to fear. Until he defied all predictions, including his own, and got himself elected President of the United States.

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