Friday 15 December 2017

The new Dail is suffering a bad case of the Trots

The Labour Party needs to honestly ask why it lost, rather than hosting its own little pity party

Labour leader Joan Burton Photo: AFP/Getty
Labour leader Joan Burton Photo: AFP/Getty

Eilis O'Hanlon

Ireland is not the only country suffering from a bad case of the Trots right now. The British Labour Party was also embroiled in a row last week over its decision to grant membership to Gerry Downing of so-called 'Socialist Fight', a group of over-excited Marxist agitators at constant war with the forces of imperialism and capitalism, albeit that the imperialists and capitalists don't seem to have noticed.

Downing's membership was revoked within hours after comments he'd made about 9/11 and Isil were made public; he later insisted that his words had been taken "out of context", but it was another shot across the bows by the Trostkyists, who made Labour unelectable in the 1980s and are gearing up with renewed determination to do it again now that Jeremy Corbyn is Labour leader.

What's most dangerous for Labour is that, as another leftist Walter Mitty-type admitted on the BBC, they don't even mind losing elections, they'll just keep fighting the good fight until they either win the argument and/or the revolution, whichever comes first.

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