Friday 19 January 2018

The Democrats are as divided as the GOP - but it's Trump who is setting the agenda

Donald Trump. Photo: Reuters
Donald Trump. Photo: Reuters

Tim Stanley

Hillary Clinton is on a mission to prove that any little girl can grow up to be president. Just so long as she marries one first. Last week's Democratic convention in Philadelphia displayed American liberalism in all its hyper-wealthy, incestuous glory. Chelsea Clinton was showcased as an heir apparent; Bill Clinton - the future First Gentleman - played with the balloons that fell from the ceiling. "And didn't Michelle Obama give a good speech?" the Democrats asked themselves. Well, perhaps she'd like to be president someday too? Everybody gets a turn in liberal land.

Everybody except rebel socialist Bernie Sanders.

Thanks to Bernie, the convention turned out to be a lot more interesting than anticipated. Hillary's original plan - hatched in about 1993 - was to cruise to the nomination on the back of her experience and with a little help from her friends in the party establishment.

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