Saturday 20 October 2018

The day John Motson told me where to go

A dream excursion to Manchester United's theatre of dreams started terribly but ended magically for fan Eugene O'Brien

BBC ‘Match of the Day’ commentator John Motson. Photo: PA
BBC ‘Match of the Day’ commentator John Motson. Photo: PA

Eugene O'Brien

I hate following Manchester United at the moment. I hate the joyless sterile football that culminated this season with the shockingly limp passionless Champions League home defeat to Seville.

I hate everything about Jose. His egomania, his cult of the self, his bullying, and like a true politician he is only ever truly energised when defending his own reputation and position of power.

But we had a great 20 years of success so I can't complain. The treble of 1999 being, of course, the highlight but football, like life, goes in cycles and anyway I'm stuck with them. Once you choose your team in childhood, that's it.

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