Wednesday 17 January 2018

Stop cruel attacks on mums like me - who choose to give birth to a baby who can't survive

Health Minister Simon Harris. Picture: Frank McGrath
Health Minister Simon Harris. Picture: Frank McGrath

Tanya Coonan

I had never met this man, but his words were the cruellest thing anyone had ever said to me. "You toyed with your child's life, you allowed it to be born, suffer and die just so you could feel better about yourself," he wrote.

No mother should ever have to read those words, but as the abortion debate gets more toxic and misinformed, shocking attacks like these seem designed to make mothers like me fearful of speaking out.

Let me make one thing clear. My daughter Lillie did not suffer. As her mother, who loves her more than life, I would never have allowed that to happen. She was safe and protected while I carried her, and she was free of pain as she passed away in my arms.

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