Sunday 18 November 2018

St James's a bad location for a children's hospital

Dr Eamonn Faller works in St James's Hospital and sees first hand why locating the children's hospital there would be a serious mistake

Minister for Health: Simon Harris Photo: Kyran O'Brien
Minister for Health: Simon Harris Photo: Kyran O'Brien

Eamonn Faller

The location of the new children's hospital is something that I care deeply about. Today, I'm a doctor who works in St James's, but a decade ago, I was that sick child, travelling up from Galway to Crumlin for chemotherapy. I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma when I was 14.

During that awful time when I received excellent care in inadequate settings, the idea of a new, easily accessible hospital with ample parking genuinely delighted me.

More than a decade after being that seriously ill child, I'm now a doctor. Not only that, but I work in St James's. It's a great place to work and a fantastic hospital, but it is not a suitable place for the National Children's Hospital. The site is not just less than ideal, or only okay, it is catastrophically wrong.

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