Friday 21 September 2018

Speeders meet their doom: trapped at The Deadman's Inn

Sarah Carey was enraged to get three penalty points when a GoSafe van picked a sneaky spot for his speed trap

In camera: A mobile speed van monitors the passing traffic
In camera: A mobile speed van monitors the passing traffic
Sarah Carey

Sarah Carey

Curse you Maurice McCabe! Curse you! That's what I thought when I received a notice informing me that a rotten GoSafe van, lurking just inside a 60kmh speed limit sign had caught me doing 75kmh at 10am on a sunny Tuesday morning. I was being fined €80 and getting three penalty points on my licence. I was raging! The €80 I could live with. The three points drove me bonkers. What would it do to my insurance? This was just typical.

Since their introduction in 2002, half of Ireland got their penalty points wiped after a quick word with a friendly garda; in what could be described as either whole-scale corruption or justifiable discretion; one's perspective depending entirely on whether or not one had benefited from the system.

Throughout this period I have driven white-knuckled within speed limits, defiantly resisting the intimidation of tailgating speeders and the general traffic flow. Determined not to get caught and fully committed to the truism that speed kills, I have been ideological to the point of obsession on the matter of staying with the limit.

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