Sunday 15 September 2019

Sinead Moriarty: '£25,000 will salve Amber's break-up pain'


Amber Gill. Photo: Matt Crossick/PA
Amber Gill. Photo: Matt Crossick/PA
Sinead Moriarty

Sinead Moriarty

The really big news this week is not Leo giving Boris a dressing down - although Boris was dressed down enough already and he looked like he'd fallen out of a Coppers after a rake of pints.

No, it was 'Love Island's' winners, Greg and Amber, have split up.

Apparently, gentleman Greg O'Shea, hailed as Ireland's very own Prince Charming, dumped Amber by text. She confirmed on UK show 'Loose Women' her relationship was ended via text.

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Greg, however, smoothly claimed on 'The Late Late Show' that their relationship ended over a phone call in which they both accepted their careers were getting in the way of their long-distance romance.

Amber slapped that down, saying it was Greg who decided he didn't want to be with her anymore during a text conversation in which she was trying to get him to make more of an effort.

Our own outspoken, straight-shooting "fanny flutters" Maura Higgins believes her friend Amber is a "strong, independent woman" who will survive her split from Greg.

Considering Amber was only going out with Greg for a couple of weeks one would hope she'd 'survive' the break-up. Also, the fact he helped her win half of his £50,000 (€56,000) prize should ease her pain.

A loving sacrifice or pure selfishness? You decide

Speaking of true love, one man's "romantic" gesture has divided opinion online. This considerate husband stood in the aisle of a plane for six hours so his wife could lie across a row of three seats and sleep.

A picture was shared on Twitter showing him standing in the aircraft aisle, leaning on the top of two seats while his wife lay across all three seats fast asleep. Frankly, the poor fellow looks exhausted.

Tweeters were divided in their opinions. Some felt it was true love, others that the wife was a selfish cow for taking up so much space.

Could she not have rested her head in his lap and let the poor man rest his weary legs?

Is this a beautiful gesture of true love? Or is it, in fact, true selfishness on his wife's part?

Even Quality Street loses touch of deluxe

Don't shoot me for mentioning the 'C' word but I was annoyed to hear that Quality Street is reducing its seasonal tins to 650g this year, down again from 720g last year.

The iconic Christmas Quality Street tin that once fed my extended family, neighbours and friends for months, will now barely make it through Christmas week. 'Shrinkflation' strikes again.

That bumper Quality Street tin was as much a part of Christmas in our house as Santa Clause was. It was the gift that kept giving. It never seemed to end. Even at Easter time you'd still find the odd green triangle floating at the bottom of the tin (did anyone eat those?).

Quality Street parent company Nestlé has revealed that it is adding more chocolate and less toffee into the mix from now on. Toffee lovers, I have very sad news - the deluxe is no more.

But before you despair of life completely, take heart - the toffee penny and finger are set to stay. You will still have something decent to chew on.

What could possibly be good enough to take the place of the toffee deluxe? It's a new, shiny sweet set to dazzle us - a chocolate caramel brownie in a bright teal blue wrapping. (I have to say, it does sound nice.)

With 85 tins of Quality Street being packed every minute, they're still doing something right.

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