Sunday 21 January 2018

Simon Kelner: Jumping Jagger should be an inspiration for us all

ROCK music may stir something rebellious in us. It could inspire latent sexual urges. It sometimes reaches to the core of our being. What it generally doesn't do is make us think about the ageing process.

But when a 69-year-old man dressed in jacket, tie and trilby expends probably the same amount of energy as a Premier League footballer while entertaining 20,000 people for two-and-half hours, you can't help but wonder what his age-defying secret is. The first thing to say about Mick Jagger is that he has less body fat than the average HB pencil. You don't need to be a trained physician to work out that this may have something to do with his incredible stamina.

I don't know what Mick's regime comprises, but should he ever need to supplement the millions he is getting for the Rolling Stones' reunion concerts, he could do worse than share his formula. A diet book, perhaps? You Can't Always Eat What You Want, or (I Can't Get No) Saltimbocca. It would be certain to be a best-seller, and be a lot less work than throwing yourself around the stage.

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