Friday 17 November 2017

Shane Watson: Why bonding over what you hate is the truest kind of relationship there is

The Hater dating app
The Hater dating app
Shane Watson
Love/hate: Lena Dunham's anti-heroine Hannah has no idea what any of her friends like in Girls

Shane Watson

Apparently there is a brand new dating app, Hater, which matches couples based on their mutual dislikes. Hmmm. This has got me thinking about my friends, who all pretty much hate the same things I do.

Friendship is all about shared dislikes. You make friends precisely because they can't stick the same things as you, whether that's cycling holidays or almond milk lattes. I'm pretty sure that's what friendship is, day to day: checking in to update the list of things that offend and annoy, and confirm that we are on the same page, together.

Beards, ghastly. Nespresso, over-rated. Her new husband, as suspected, not nice at all. Neighbours with a wet wipe habit, hateful. Ooh, feel better already.

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