Tuesday 23 July 2019

Shadowy godfathers of Sinn Féin’s past have long put gun above our laws

Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams. Photo: Steve Humphreys
Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams. Photo: Steve Humphreys
Paul Williams

Paul Williams

The decades of lies and deceit promulgated by Gerry Adams on behalf of Sinn Féin and the IRA are finally - maybe - beginning to unravel.

The republican party, which epitomises the definition of 'post-truth' politics, view its victims and the public as simpletons and fools who will swallow whatever propagandist baloney it serves up.

Austin Stack, who has led a long campaign to uncover the identity of the Provos who murdered his prison officer father, may ultimately serve as the straw that breaks this monster's back. The inconsistencies, contradictions and downright lies which have characterised Mr Adams's recollections about his dealings with Mr Stack have been exposed in recent days.

The people, whom Mr Adams seems to believe are utterly gullible, will find it hard to ignore the fact that it is clear the Sinn Féin president is withholding vital information about the assassination of Brian Stack.

Mr Adams has effectively admitted to Austin Stack and the world that he knows the man who knows everything about the nefarious murder of a public servant.

It is extraordinary to think that the leader of the third biggest - supposedly - democratic party on this island was present at a meeting he organised between the Stack brothers and a shadowy IRA man who claimed he had 'investigated' the background to their father's killing.

What is more mesmerising is that Mr Adams travelled with the Stacks in a blacked-out van to the arranged meeting in South Armagh.

But when any attempt is made to force Mr Adams to actually come clean, he and his loyal army of zealots will spin any yarn and deploy whatever diversionary tactics necessary to ward off the barbarians at the gates.

This latest controversy has again focused attention on Sinn Féin's true political orientation which is dictated by the shadowy godfathers on the IRA army council who have more regard for Fidel Castro's style of governance than the democratic nonsense they have to endure on this side of the world.

The treatment by Sinn Féin of Paudie McGahon is a case in point. When he was a teenager, Paudie was raped by an IRA volunteer who was on the run and using the McGahon family home in Louth as a safe house.

When Paudie discovered another friend had also been sexually abused as a child by the same Provo he reported it to a senior Sinn Féin member.

In 2002 the same figure, who is close to the party leadership including Mr Adams, arranged for Paudie to be 'interviewed' by an IRA kangaroo court similar to the one another rape victim, Mairia Cahill, faced.

What this incident illustrated was that Sinn Féin and the IRA have no respect for the laws of the Irish Republic. Appealing for witnesses to go to the police with information is a meaningless gesture because the Provos know that won't happen.

After an 'investigation' Mr Adams's lieutenants informed Paudie and the second victim the IRA member had admitted his paedophile crimes against them.

The Army Council reps told the abuse victims that the IRA member, who had been 'detained' and 'interrogated', had admitted abusing the children of other republican sympathisers who had given him refuge. And then the 'court' offered them three choices: have the offender shot; they could beat him up; or he could be deported.

The bewildered victims, both of whom had grown up in the cultish ideology of republican politics, opted for deportation.

The sorry episode lays bare the true face of Sinn Féin justice, which at the same time campaigns for human rights and the closure of the Special Criminal Court, a vital weapon in combating organised crime.

If the Sinn Féin membership really aspires to legitimacy it must get rid of Mr Adams and he in turn should take the shadowy godfathers with him into the pages of history.

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