Friday 17 November 2017

Rose Prince: I woke feeling awful on Ash Wednesday .... so now I've corked the wine until Easter Sunday

Last month, I wrote an article "Am I drinking too much?". Like many middle-class, middle-aged women, I look forward rather too much to that glass of white – not every evening, but often enough. And I worry about it. So do many of you, I know now, given your response to the exposure of my drinking habits, and to a subsequent appearance on Woman’s Hour to discuss them further.

Well, I want to share another alcohol-related experience with you. I am giving it up. For Lent, at least.

It is years since I abstained from drink for this long. My usual pattern is, perhaps, two to three days off each week, four to five on. But 46 days? On Ash Wednesday last week, as I embarked on this venture, it seemed like aeons. What would Fridays be like, knowing there is a bottle of my favourite French white waiting in the fridge, but not for me? There is something sacred about weekend drinking. That end-of-the-week release; lunching on Saturday with friends and a Bloody Mary, at least; a bottle of something complementary with a Sunday roast.

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