Thursday 22 February 2018

Robert Schmuhl: Obama to preside over an America more divided than ever

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

ALTHOUGH this week’s American elections resulted in a continuity of the status quo in the White House and Congress, the vote totals and exit polls reveal a stark political landscape of deepening division in the US.

Geographically, demographically, economically and in other ways, the electorate sorted itself out by forming camps of defined allegiances. Political partisanship on this side of the Atlantic is becoming increasingly tribal.

According to responses on the exit surveys, voters under 40 decidedly favoured Barack Obama, with older citizens strongly going for Mitt Romney. While Obama captured non-white categories (among African-American 93pc to 6pc and with Hispanics 71pc to 27pc), Romney took the white vote 59pc to 39pc. People with incomes under $50,000 preferred Obama 60pc to 38pc, while those earning more than $100,000 chose Romney 54pc to 44pc.

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