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Reckless motorists must take note - Big Brother is watching


Ireland's first automated Red Light Camera System

Ireland's first automated Red Light Camera System

Tom Burke

Ireland's first automated Red Light Camera System

My first reaction to the news that we're using technology to stop people breaking red lights - albeit in one area for now - was to ask why it has taken so long.

That is not by any means to criticise the endeavour but to underline the prevalence of running-the-red-lights madness we see every day we take to our roads.

I could give the minister a list of at least another dozen junctions in the greater Dublin area alone where his potentially life-saving initiative could be repeated to great effect.

Not one day goes by without me witnessing people sweeping through lights long after they have changed to red.

Now that we have the technology to catch these people, we should frighten the living daylights out of them (as they do to us).

They need to know that for once, and for the greater good, Big Brother is watching them.

The punishment of three penalty points and a €120 fine are just about commensurate with the gravity involved.

Think about it: a red light tells you, definitively, that you may not proceed, that others who have waited their turn now have the legal right of way.

Yet you do it anyway - often at speed - and knowingly putting the welfare of others at risk.

It is a no-brainer.

Hopefully all the publicity about the new system will make offenders realise just how seriously their reckless behaviour is being taken.

The sooner the green light is given for more red-light cameras the better.

It has been good day for road safety.

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