Sunday 17 December 2017

Public servants don't have a divine right to automatically share the fruits of a recovery

Public sector strikes have demonstrated unions' muscle
Public sector strikes have demonstrated unions' muscle

Eddie Molloy

A new term has entered the lexicon of industrial relations, "pay restoration talks". First coined by Jack O'Connor, I believe, repeated by other trade union officials and now being adopted by some politicians, the concept is loaded with a sense of entitlement to the first fruits of economic recovery.

With a general election in the air the unions, with exquisite timing, are demanding that the Government delivers on promises made, while under duress with their backs were to the wall, to restore public service wage cuts and remove the imposed pension levy whenever the economy recovered. "It's payback time," they demand.

The fact that politicians of all parties and even some ministers are already adopting this storyline is unsettling.

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