Monday 20 August 2018

Pipe down, moaning Millennials - you've never had it so good

Young people should try seeing things from older generations' perspectives, then they wouldn't whinge so much, says Carol Hunt

Millennials: 'My heart is bleeding for them'
Millennials: 'My heart is bleeding for them'
Carol Hunt

Carol Hunt

My heart is bleeding for them. All those Millennials, my own daughter included, whose lives have been destroyed by preceding generations. Generations, as they keep telling us, who are now living off the hog, with mortgages paid and lavish pensions guaranteeing us a retired life of ease and plenty.

A recent Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) report (July 13) outlined the deprivation and suffering currently being experienced by our under-30s, who are now, without doubt, the most impoverished and neglected generation we've had in Ireland since the post-Famine years.

Younger adults, the ESRI tells us in the press release, are "more likely to report issues with financial strain, crowded accommodation and deprivation". This led to newspaper comments like: "the young have it tougher" and "the truth is that it is the middle-aged and pensioners who are spoilt rotten in this country".

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