Saturday 25 November 2017

Peter Bills: New Georgian hero keen to bottle pride

Peter Bills

Battles have been taking place in this part of the world for centuries. From 1804 to 1813, the armies of Imperial Russia met the Persian Empire on land involving the Caucasus (in other words, modern Georgia and Armenia).

More recently, in August 2008, war erupted between Russia and Georgia over the disputed territories of south Ossetia and Abkhazia. That was a nasty little war, with Russia bombing the Georgian city of Gori, killing 60, with rape, arson, looting and abductions taking place in Georgian towns and villages. The Georgians replied by firing cluster bombs at their enemies.

Imagine, then, just over 18 months later, a rugby match between Georgia and Russia. To say emotions ran high last weekend would be to suggest the Irish taxman is a bit stretched at the moment. Emotion, passion -- such qualities ran with the fire and fervour of an erupting volcano.

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