Tuesday 22 May 2018

Pattern of cover-up shows Sinn Féin not worthy of high office

Austin Stack. Photo: Frank McGrath
Austin Stack. Photo: Frank McGrath

Austin Stack

During the course of the last two weeks, the public has yet again seen at first hand the utter contempt that Sinn Féin - and in particular its leadership - has for the institutions of this State, the victims that they and their illegal army have left in their wake, and also their disingenuous attitude towards the truth.

It is because of this that I felt compelled to bring to the public's attention several matters which I believe need to be addressed by both Sinn Féin and its leadership.

Yet again, the response from Sinn Féin has come in two waves. The first response comes from Gerry Adams and, as always, is one of avoidance, denial and cover-up. Then the second wave comes in the form of the army of social media trolls whose tactic is to intimidate those who question Sinn Féin's political agenda.

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