Sunday 19 November 2017

Old rockers never die - they just keep clinging onto the past

By elevating a past generation of rock stars to hallowed status, old boys are reliving their youth

Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel prize for literature
Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel prize for literature

Eilis O'Hanlon

This year has it in for the world's great musical icons. Sounds implausible, doesn't it? But it must be true because I saw it on Twitter.

The hashtag went something like #OhMyGod2016WhyDoYouKeepDoingThisToMe, because, of course, it's all about you; and it was being retweeted by lots of very important people, so that proves it must be a meaningful observation on life, the universe and everything, rather than a fatuous comment with all the intellectual depth of "totes amazeballs".

Ever since David Bowie clocked out in January, a certain generation of music lovers have felt personally picked on. Now Leonard Cohen has gone to join the invisible choir too. All it takes is for Neil Young to peg it before Christmas and they'll be convinced that it's a conspiracy.

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