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Saturday 24 March 2018

Of course we don't want to get cancer. But we well might

The Cancer Society's 'I want to get cancer' ads are controversial and troubling, but perhaps that's what's required

Emily Hourican
Emily Hourican

Emily Hourican

I've been wondering about the Irish Cancer Society's "I want to get cancer" ads. At first, I confess, the subtlety of 'get' and 'get' passed me by. I didn't get it. Didn't cop on that by 'get' they meant in the sense of "I'm gonna get you sucker . . ." or get as in 'understand'.

That isn't entirely my fault, because the initial teaser ads just had "I want to get cancer" without the little extra explaining bits.

And so, I thought the ad was a very hard-hitting attack on those of us who don't change our lifestyles radically in order to try to avoid getting cancer. Basically - "if you get cancer, it's because you want to get cancer, because you haven't tried hard enough not to get it . . ."

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