Sunday 24 June 2018

No matter who we are, we all have a battle against our own mind

It happens every time a famous singer self-destructs: I feel shock, a sense of loss, relief, then guilt

HAPPY: Shane MacGowan and Victoria Mary Clarke. Photo: David Conachy
HAPPY: Shane MacGowan and Victoria Mary Clarke. Photo: David Conachy

Victoria Mary Clarke

When the news came through about this being George Michael's last Christmas, my first thought was "Why? Why George?"And this was immediately followed by a sense of relief because my partner, Shane MacGowan, has been famously self-destructive for as long as he has been a singer. So every time another famous singer dies of drug or alcohol-related causes, there is the usual shock and sense of loss - especially if we knew the person, and George was a very lovely person. But there is also this very mixed up and almost guilty feeling that we have survived, and someone else has not.

There are so many whys, and they are the same ones every time it happens to another icon. Why was George alone on Christmas morning when he was so talented and so very loved and wanted by so many people?

Earlier this year in April, Prince, who was another hugely talented, loved, and globally adored singer/songwriter, was found dead alone after an overdose of opiates. Why was Prince alone? Why was he struggling with opiate addiction?

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