Friday 17 January 2020

No excuses - children must 'belt up' every time

Proper restraints in cars are essential for children
Proper restraints in cars are essential for children


It seems astonishing that some motorists refuse to place children in appropriate restraints before taking to the road.

One in every three children who die in traffic collisions is not securely strapped in or wearing a seatbelt, new research from the Road Safety Authority shows. Many of these deaths could have been avoided.

It's far too common a sight to see children standing in the rear seats of cars, chatting to the driver up front. In the event of a collision, their little bodies will fly through the air at great speed, smashing into the dashboard or through the windscreen, costing some of them their lives.

The 'lucky' ones may be left with appalling and life-long injuries.

Some would argue these victims' parents or guardians have blood on their hands. They are certainly guilty of an appalling lack of judgment. After all, what trip is so essential that a few moments cannot be taken to ensure a child's safety?

Bobbie Connolly, herself the victim of a road collision when she was just 10, says it best: parents who refuse to belt up their children are not only foolish and careless, but "downright selfish".

Irish Independent

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