Thursday 22 February 2018

Naked ambition is not such a good thing to have when you're answering the door

Pat Hickey speaks to Brazilian police at the Windsor Hotel in Rio
Pat Hickey speaks to Brazilian police at the Windsor Hotel in Rio

Jillian Godsil

Who answers a hotel door in the nip? This is a question that has been exercising my mind in recent days. I've heard the arguments regarding invasion of privacy, unseemly camera attention, the paparazzi-inspired pursuit of celebrity-styled images, but it all comes back to my fundamental question - why would you answer a hotel door in the nip?

I do believe in appropriate dress code. Nakedness inside a hotel room is to be expected, welcomed even, but in a hotel corridor and facing 10 policemen, then less so. Unless of course you find yourself in a middle of particularly bizarre and fecund Gay Mardi Gras - but I think that is a movie of another hue altogether.

I remember hearing the story of how my brother once found himself naked in a hotel corridor. In his case, the hotel door was firmly self-locked and resisted all attempts at reopening - just as his sleeping wife resisted all the muffled shouts to let him back in. He had taken the wrong turn during the night and mistook the hotel door for the ensuite door. His naked descent to the reception to obtain a pass key does not bear thinking about, much less filming. He was more fortunate, perhaps, in that there was no welcoming committee to bear (bare?) witness to his walk of shame.

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