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My Pet: Westie-life is a rural sniffy paradise


Holly the dog

Holly the dog

Holly the dog

Hello, my name is Holly, I am a very beautiful Westie, that's a West Highland Terrier to you, if you're not well up in doggie lingo.

I hear that I am in my nineties, again, this is in doggie years as I was born more than 13 years ago in human time.

I clearly remember the day when my new Mom came to collect me from my kennels in Carrick on Suir.

It was very exciting as my siblings and I were all picked up and cuddled but I was the one she held on to, just one look at her and I knew she wouldn't be able to resist me and so it was.

Her friend Marion was my nanny as I was transported to my new home in Dublin. Although I missed my siblings at first, I very soon settled into a life of love and pampering, and I had my own bed.

I'm a quick learner and even quicker teacher and I soon had my new Mom organising her life around mine .

I enjoyed our city life, my morning and evening walks in the park, meeting other like-minded dogs, and I had plenty of time and opportunities to sniff the many lamp posts.

My favourite spot in summer was lying at the open conservatory door, the sun caressing my back, and in winter, if not snuggled up on the couch, I loved to stretch myself in front of the fire. Ahhh, bliss.

But then a few years ago I had a rude awakening and without any prior warning or consultation I was relocated to my new home IN THE COUNTRY!

What a change, what a challenge, a new life, new house, new rooms, new outdoor space, same bed. Now instead of a neat walled garden I had fields, hedgerows, trees, a 'sniffy paradise'.

It was all so different that at first I was confused and unsure but I soon put manners on the local rodents as my terrier instincts were reignited. I was lady of the manor, that is until, horror of horrors my new Dad, David, introduced a new 'yappy' puppy, supposedly to keep me company.

At first I was not impressed, but gradually Midge, for that is her name, grew on me.

Being but a pup she looked up to me and treated me with the respect due to my years and wisdom, and I have grudgingly agreed that the company is welcome.

Besides, I have ample space in my new home to disappear to when her puppyish ways annoy me.

Now as I settle into retirement in my beautiful country home I can look back on a life well spent and full of love.

Name: Holly

Finest hour: Walking on the Hill of Tara

Likes: Car journeys

Dislikes: Disruption

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