Sunday 21 July 2019

Mulcahy: The ghost of Haughey hovers over book launch

Kathryn Thomas
Kathryn Thomas

Kirtsy Blake Knox

The ghost of Fianna Fáil's Charlie Haughey hovered over the launch of former Labour TD Liz McManus's novel, 'The Shadow in the Yard', this week.

Pat Rabbitte officially launched the book and reminded the crowd that Liz stepped into Leinster House just as Charlie stepped out in November 1992. Rabbitte followed on with an inevitable CJH anecdote.

He told how, in retirement, Charlie had met with a prominent banker who had also recently relinquished his professional post.

The pair made small-talk about their post-work worlds.

The banker enthused about his involvement in various boards, charity work and how he was now playing a lot of golf.

Haughey summed up his own activities.

"Like you - I'm doing f**k all."


Comedienne Maeve Higgins is living it up in the city that never sleeps, New York. She was asked what are the main differences between Irish and American audiences.

Higgins mulled it over before replying: "They are fairly similiar although in New York I can't do quite as many jokes about Eddie Hobbs. I don't think American audiences can believe there's such a thing as a celebrity accountant."

Neither can we.


It's only a matter of weeks before that hallowed cultural institution - Tayto Park - opens the turnstiles on its latest attraction, which is set to be Europe's largest inverted wooden roller-coaster.

Constructed from 800,000kgs of yellow pine wood, the rollercoaster is already garnering a lot of attention.

According to a Tayto spokesperson, the park has been inundated with calls from thrill seekers asking if they can be first on the ride. "We have even had someone asking to be first on the ride so that he can propose to his girlfriend," the spokesperson said.

Well, I suppose all relationships have their ups and downs.


Poor aul' Kathryn Thomas. The 'Voice of Ireland' presenter decided to bare all when she appeared slap free in the 'Sunday Independent', but the reaction to the photo of her without make-up was less than favourable.

"My friends thought I looked like a convict and my mother said I should have washed my hair," Kathryn told RTÉ broadcaster John Murray.

"I didn't think it was as bad as they were making out."


Valentine's Day is nearly upon us and that can only mean one thing.

The producers of 'The Late Late Show' are gearing up for the programme's annual cringe-tastic singleton special - huzzah!

This year, researchers are on the hunt for footloose and fancy-free men.

"We're looking for guys who are single and ready to mingle," an RTE spokesperson said.

Asked if host and ever-so-eligible bachelor Ryan Tubridy would be taking part in some of the crazy singles games during the course of the programme, the researcher firmly said: "No. Absolutely not. That would complicate things."

True, but it would make for compulsive (or should that be car crash?) TV.

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