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Mulcahy: Rabbitte knows the importance of reading a room


Pat Rabbitte

Pat Rabbitte

Pat Rabbitte

* IN comedy and politics, the importance of reading a room is key - something Pat Rabbitte knows all too well.

Taking to the stage at a recent book launch, Rabbitte reassured the crowd: "I am here from the Government and I am here to help.

"And looking at the demography of this audience, I think the best thing I could do is guarantee you all that the free travel will continue."

* Louis Walsh discusses pop temper tantrums and egos in this week's RTE Guide. "I pick people and sometimes they turn into monsters," he said.

"I tend to think they're really nice and they're never going to change. They think they're getting VIP treatment at the airport.

"They think, 'Oh I deserve this', but no, you're just a lucky f**cker!'"Asked who the biggest diva he has had the pleasure of working with, Louis replied: "He can't sing like a diva, but I would probably have to say Ronan Keating." Waiter - a saucer of milk for Mr Walsh please!

* Senior RTE press officers sent out identical tweets following Brendan O'Connor's on-air announcement this weekend that The Saturday Night Show would be coming to an end.

"O'Connor reveals live on air that this is the last series," they tweeted in unison. "But he'll be back on RTE One in 1916 with a new show." 1916? As one viewer observed: "Is it a series about time travel?"

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