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Mulcahy: Michael Harding takes on role of Bull McCabe in 'The Field'


Michael Harding

Michael Harding

Patrick Redmond

Fr Ray Kelly: vow of poverty

Fr Ray Kelly: vow of poverty


Michael Harding

Actor Michael Harding takes on the lead role of the Bull McCabe in the Gaiety Theatre's latest staging of John B Keane's iconic drama 'The Field'.

The play was famously adapted for the big screen by director Jim Sheridan back in 1990 with Richard Harris playing the Bull.

But Harding made a point of not drawing inspiration from the movie.

"The play and the film are two completely different beasts," he said.

"It's like comparing an octopus and a boiled egg - you just wouldn't do it."


Fianna Fáil County Councillor Cormac Devlin was left red faced when he fell flat on his back at the starting line of the Red Bull Wings for Life World Run over the bank holiday weekend.

Having recovered from the Mr Bean-esque stumble, Devlin is hopeful his party won't repeat the gaffe in the general election race.

"It was a dramatic fall," he said. "But I hope by the time of the election we will all be watching our footing a lot more carefully."


It's good to see fame hasn't changed the disposition of the nation's favourite singing priest - Father Ray Kelly.

In an interview with the 'Sun' newspaper, Father Ray admits his meteoric rise to fame has been "mad".

"I never thought this would happen at this stage of my life," he says. "There'll be no Lamborghini or yacht outside the church." Thank heavens for that.


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