Friday 23 February 2018

'Mother's intense love led to my grandfather also being my dad'

However you dress it up and whatever excuses you make, incest is still abuse of the worst kind
Secret: John Byrne
Secret: John Byrne

Emily Hourican

John Byrne is a playwright and artist, the man who created the cover for The Beatles Ballads album and wrote the TV series Tutti Frutti and Your Cheatin' Heart. He is also the former partner of actress Tilda Swinton, with whom he has two children.

Born in Scotland, his family are originally Irish, and last week Byrne revealed that he is the child of an incestuous relationship between his mother, Alice McShane, and her father Patrick - meaning that John's father is also his grandfather.

"That's what they do in Ireland," he said. "I presume it's what they do in unlettered places and lettered places. It's traditional, and nobody speaks about it."

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