Wednesday 21 March 2018

Minister Frances Fitzgerald: Peace strides welcome but PIRA legacy must be faced

We don't have to be grateful because they have stopped their terror campaign, says Minister Frances Fitzgerald

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald
Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald

Minister Frances Fitzgerald

We have made great progress towards achieving peace on this island and that has to be welcome.

But that does not mean we have to be grateful to the Provisional IRA for the fact that they have stopped their campaign of terror and slaughter. The incontrovertible truth is that if what they were fighting was a war, their leadership would be standing in the dock for war crimes. Women taken from their homes and shot on lonely roads, people travelling to work on buses and shot on the basis of their religion, the lives of children brutally ended. It was an organisation that didn't hesitate to recruit psychopaths to maintain discipline in its ranks.

There should be no surprise then that two deeply disturbing reports published this week set out the appalling legacy of PIRA.

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