Saturday 17 March 2018

Micheál and Enda can learn some lessons from Cameron-Clegg deal

Cartoonist: Ken Lee
Cartoonist: Ken Lee

Niamh Gallagher

Another day, another chance for meaningful progress on the talks to form a Government missed. We are not the first country to have to pick up the pieces after an inconclusive election. In the hours after the 2010 British General Election, Gordon Brown's biggest concern was that David Cameron, his rival for the role of Prime Minister, would 'do a Salmond'.

In 2007, following the Scottish Parliament elections, Alec Salmond, leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP), grabbed headlines by announcing shortly after the first boxes were open that this was "the worst defeat for Labour in 50 years" - and thus a victory for the SNP.

In fact, when all votes were counted, the SNP came in just one vote ahead of Labour - but it didn't matter. The media endlessly trotted out the 'worst election in 50 years' line, and paved the way for Salmond to become First Minister.

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