Monday 19 March 2018

Medb Ruane: Samantha and Sarah go head to head in the poll for the most fragrant wife

Medb Ruane

A charming remark made the front pages in Britain this week, courtesy of Conservative Party leader David Cameron. "Stop making so many boring speeches, Dad," four-year old Elwen reportedly said. We may wish. But with a general election weeks away, the speeches have hardly begun.

Elwen's mother, Samantha, is winning even more coverage than her precocious (if it's true) son. Cheerily mopping kitchen surfaces in her London pad as David sits on a sofa looking busy, Sam chatted warmly about campaigns and her day and London's underprivileged reclaiming themselves, while she was being filmed for YouTube.

Did you know Sam was pregnant? Yes, indeedy. There's no stopping this woman. If David is elected PM -- should that be when? -- Sam will become a mother again from 10 Downing Street. It can't hurt her husband's image.

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