Friday 15 December 2017

Medb Ruane: Cameron's words flew like white doves into the sky above Derry's Guildhall -- truth and justice at last

Medb Ruane

A trigger-happy soldier killed four young men. His fellow British squaddies killed another 10 and terrified a whole generation. Why? Until Lord Saville's report into the events called Bloody Sunday, the 14 dead were rubbished as dangerous, murderous terrorists. They and their community were seen as scum. Irish scum.

Now their innocence is official. Thirty-eight years, four months and 15 days later, Lieutenant-Colonel Derek Wilford and his 1st Para Battalion were exposed as liars and killers, with only one soldier excepted. Wilford had effectively operated a shoot-to-kill policy.

At first, he was exonerated, even praised, by Lord Widgery, whose hasty report in 1972 (it took only two months) had actually admired the squaddies' "demeanour". Widgery chose to believe everything they said.

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