Thursday 22 March 2018

Medb Ruane: A real day of hope, but will it last?

Kenny must move quickly and radically or he’ll lose our faith

In the bad old days, Ash Wednesday was the morning Bertie Ahern arrived at Dáil Eireann made up as a good boy. Marks on his forehead showed just how penitential he was. Now he's political dust. His Soldiers of Destiny are a spent force, wasted by bad ideologies and worse bedfellows -- but with great pensions.

Ash Wednesday 2011 was supposed to be the first day of the rest of our lives, via the 31st Dáil. A new era, a line in the sand, a better future, even if it's tough. Events were stirring, symbolic, urging you to dream. It's not that everyone was genuinely hopeful -- yet -- it's that people are hoping that wishing will make it so.

And then there was Enda, the 13th Taoiseach. Kenny spoke confidently, fluently and with wit. How committed to change is he? His own words moved him, especially when he cited how important his parents and family were on the "this heart-stopping journey" that made him Taoiseach after so long in the Dáil.

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