Friday 19 January 2018

Locker room banter is one thing, abuse of power by a 'star' to hit on women 'because he can' is a disgrace

Liam Collins

Liam Collins

Most men who've ever stood at a rugby club bar - or any bar for that matter - have probably engaged in some form of what Donald Trump has described as "locker room banter".

In effect, it's the things you can say behind closed doors, or within your own trusted circle, but wouldn't express in mixed company. It's the 'laddish' thing - a couple of guys, a couple of beers and a pointed glance over at a good-looking girl followed by a tasteless comment.

It's usually downhill after that - there's always someone who wants to push it too far or become over graphic. Most of us really don't want to know someone else's innermost thoughts on what they'd like to do with a girl at the other side of the room, or someone's wife or sister who just happens to be good-looking.

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