Wednesday 22 November 2017

Lisa Markwell: Ads for cosmetic surgery exploit women when they are at their most vulnerable

To my mind, there's always been something a little unsettling about advertisements for cosmetic surgery clinics. Magazines that are all about female empowerment from pages 1 to 250 turn, from pages 250 to 275, to shrieking encouragements of dissatisfaction.

The intimation is that your flat chest or big nose is all that's stopping you from a life of glamour beyond your wildest dreams – to be lived, invariably, in a white bikini. Have that post-pregnancy tummy flap disappear; create Angelina-like pert breasts where once were milky tube socks. Want Megan Fox's nose, or J-Lo's butt? Why not pop in to an expensively carpeted West End clinic and emerge transformed? (Nobody mentions the bloodied bandages, bruises and pain.)

Now there are calls for a ban on such advertising, as well as tighter controls on products and practitioners. Well, excuse me, but what took you so long?

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