Wednesday 13 December 2017

Less stressful than Christmas, the promise of spring... Easter deserves a proper celebration

‘It’s like Christmas without the obligation. We are freer to make it our own’ (Stock photo)
‘It’s like Christmas without the obligation. We are freer to make it our own’ (Stock photo)

Lorraine Courtney

Everyone knows where they stand on Christmas. Most of us love it. A few contrarians hate it, but until now we didn't really care much about Easter. Unlike Christmas, it just happened. No fuss, no bother. There was no pressure to stock up on food like you were expecting a siege, spend time with family members you don't get on with or bankrupt yourself buying needless gifts. You don't often meet an Easter Grinch.

Easter is increasingly becoming a time of mass marketing though, with supermarkets eagerly peddling everything from themed cakes and sweets to the more controversial Easter crackers. Sales of 'Happy Easter' cards, Easter decorations and even Easter trees are booming and isn't it a beautiful thing.

The editor of 'Good Housekeeping' magazine, Carolyn Bailey, said recently: "We feel people now want that extra touch to finish off the table. This year we've seen more people buying gifts and decorations for Easter, including crackers which are normally bought for Christmas. Easter is becoming like a second Christmas." Now these crackers aren't Christmassy ones and they have little chicks on them rather than trees, but there's been outrage on social media ever since Waitrose said that its cracker sales are up 63pc on last year.

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