Monday 15 July 2019

Leslie Ann Horgan: 'Adele, Hanks... which celebrity marriage celebrant would you opt for?'


Ian McKellen does the ceremony at Patrick Stewart's wedding
Ian McKellen does the ceremony at Patrick Stewart's wedding
Leslie Ann Horgan

Leslie Ann Horgan

Ah Hollywood, that magical place where the world's most beautiful people fall in love, break up, then make up - and all before they get anywhere near a movie lot. But while any old stars can become an item, this week actor Anna Faris broke the mould when she proposed to marry her ex-husband, Chris Pratt. Now I know that's hardly new - Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton had a duo of weddings and a double divorce decades ago - but what Faris suggested wasn't that she become Mrs Pratt for the second time, but rather that she conduct the ceremony at his impending wedding.

On Monday, Jurassic World star Pratt had posted a photo to Instagram of his girlfriend Katherine Schwarzenegger (daughter of 'I'll be back' Arnie) sporting a sizeable diamond. It was captioned: "Sweet Katherine, so happy you said yes! I'm thrilled to be marrying you." There were some sceptical eyebrows raised when Faris, whose eight-year marriage to Pratt ended in August 2017, commented "I'm so happy for you both" on the post. However, the following day, Faris doubled down on her delight for the newly engaged couple, rhapsodising about how right they were for each other on her podcast. She went on to reveal that when Pratt, with whom she has a six-year-old son, texted with the news, she replied: "I just wanna remind you that I'm an ordained minister."

While I strongly doubt that, even in this new era of saccharine celebrity break-ups, Faris will be called upon to conduct this particular ceremony (that would be too weird, even for Hollywood, right?) for those of you out there who are planning weddings, it is useful to know that she's qualified. In fact, The House Bunny star is just one of a number of high-profile names that you could call upon when you're ready to say I do. After all, if you can't marry a movie star, why not have a movie star marry you? Here's our pick of the best beautiful people for every type of 'big day'.


Name: Anna Faris.

Day job: Comedic actor and author.

Experience: Officiated at the wedding of her podcast co-host Sim Sarina in 2017.

Style: A perky but gag-heavy ceremony, with optional slapstick and gross-out jokes that would leave the best man's speech redundant.

Perfect for: The unsentimental couple who'd prefer their guests to say "ugh!'" than "aww!".


Name: Benedict Cumberbatch.

Day job: Oscar-nominated actor.

Experience: Conducted the marriage ceremony for his university friend Robert Rinder - aka TV's Judge Rinder - in Ibiza.

Style: A gravitas-filled delivery for a solemn occasion, peppered with Shakespearean sonnets.

Perfect for: The well-off intellectuals who want to impress their parents' friends.


Name: Emma Stone.

Day job: Oscar-winning actor and style icon.

Experience: Presided over the marriage of her publicist in 2012 after she'd introduced the couple.

Style: A blend of romance and gentle humour, finished off with a stonking show tune.

Perfect for: The hipsters who are always ahead of the curve.


Name: Ian McKellen.

Day job: Golden Globe-winning acting legend.

Experience: Became a 'doctor of divinity' in 2013 to officiate at the wedding of long-time friend Patrick Stewart.

Style: This movie wizard and real-life knight is irreverent, unpredictable and utterly charming.

Perfect for: The LGBTQ couple with a love for Tolkien.


Name: Adele.

Day job: Grammy- and Oscar-winning singer and songwriter.

Experience: Performed the ceremony for her BFF, comedian Alan Carr, in 2018.

Style: Keeps it real - and very loud, innit?

Perfect for: The notions-free pair who like an after-hours sing-song.


Name: Tom Hanks.

Day job: Oscar-winning actor.

Experience: Helped Girls star Allison Williams say 'I do' in 2016.

Style: Simple and heartfelt ceremony, during which he's likely to cry several times.

Perfect for: The lovebirds who don't mind being upstaged in their wedding photos.

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