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Kirsty Blake Knox: Zero interest in sport? Turn off Twitter


Close up of a man using mobile smart phone

Close up of a man using mobile smart phone

Close up of a man using mobile smart phone

Getting through a bumper sports weekend when you have zero interest in sports can be a little trying. Especially if you thought the Liam McCarthy Cup was called the Mick McCarthy Cup, don't know the difference between a try and a conversion, and find the GAA points system as confusing as Schrödinger's cat, or Donald Trump's hair.

First things first; get off social media. Now, immediately, at once.

Your timelines will be filled with tweets about unfair penalties, offside rules, and the like. You'll feel out of the loop and socially inadequate. Best to avoid.

If you have a ticket for Electric Picnic - rejoice! Stradbally is the one area of the country where you can wander about in a state of blissful ignorance about any sports-related subject.

For those who failed to secure a ticket, have faith, there is still plenty to do.

If you're one of the few people in Kilkenny not glued to the match on Sunday, head to the Song of the Sea exhibition in Butler Gallery. The exhibition is filled with the evocative drawings from the Oscar-nominated feature.

The Taste of West Cork kicks off this weekend, and is packed full of cookery workshops and interactive food demonstrations.

Ireland's oldest matchmaking festival at Lisdoonvarna is still going strong - so single ladies and gents should make a beeline for the festival.

Galway's Oscar Wilde Festival allows literary buffs to wander in the Great Man's footsteps.

You can also visit the birthplace of Sir Edward Carson - who acted as the prosecution council in Wilde's trial back in 1895.

If you fancy taking a gawk at Daniel Day Lewis's underpants - and who doesn't? - then head to The Little Museum in Dublin and visit Costume in Irish Cinema 1987-2015.

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