Friday 15 December 2017

Kevin Myers: Being 'married' should not automatically give anyone an equal entitlement to adopt

Kevin Myers

On the day that the Olympics begin, let me say a couple of words about the Games, rape, the Afghan war and homosexual marriage. Where do I begin? Rape is as good a place as any.

This is not something you have heard before, so here goes. Allied soldiers in Afghanistan are warned that if captured, they will almost certainly be gang-raped. Which means of course that Afghan men are sexually aroused in the presence of a captive male. And more extraordinarily, while being raped, the victim will always get an erection. It is almost as if the adult male body is physiologically designed to be sexually aroused by anal penetration.

Well now: why should this be? Could it be this? During the two million years and 130,000 or so generations of the palaeolithic, male hominids would go off in hunting parties, and, rather like a Fine Gael cumann, after a couple of days in the outback would probably turn on one another for sex.

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