Saturday 20 January 2018

Kevin Flanagan: How to cut out the middle man and become an epublishing millionaire

The Amazon Kindle electronic reader
The Amazon Kindle electronic reader

THE path to become a published author can be a long and painful one. Many writers have spent years transforming their idea into a book. The next step is often more difficult: sending your final draft to a publisher. After all this effort, it is likely that your novel will lie unread on a slush pile. So after months - even years of waiting, you may hear nothing. You might not even get the courtesy of a rejection letter!

At this stage many writers are tempted to throw in the towel and bow down to the tyranny of the traditional publisher. But what if you are not ready to give up? What can you do then? Well, there is another option - ePublishing.

Thanks to eBooks, authors can now cut out the middle man and provide their content straight to the reader. This global revolution has given rise to many authors who have made their names online. One such heroine of the eBook revolution is Amanda Hocking.

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