Monday 23 April 2018

Kevin Flanagan: How ebooks can take the vanity out of publishing ... and change your life

The Amazon Kindle electronic reader
The Amazon Kindle electronic reader

MANY people reading this post will at some time or other have thought: I would love to write a book. But how many of them know just what a tortuous a process it is?

First, they have to come up with an idea then sit down for years to translate that idea into a story good enough to keep readers interested. It’s a huge achievement to finish a manuscript but that’s just the beginning. You have then got proofing, re-writes, edits and more re-writes. It will test your mental strength and even put a strain on relationships as you dive deep into your unconscious. Some people never succeed in finding a story that works. Some never come back from the journey. And when you finally produce your masterpiece you have to bow cravenly to agents and publishers in the vain hope of getting it published.

But then came the ePublishing revolution and everything changed!

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