Saturday 20 January 2018

Katie Byrne: who'll be there for you?

How our friendship needs change over time

Features writer Katie Byrne
Features writer Katie Byrne
Katie Byrne

Katie Byrne

A new app billed as 'Tinder for Girlfriends' has received plenty of media attention over the last few weeks. For the uninitiated, Hey! VINA is about "connecting, empowering and celebrating" women. Oh, and changing the world. In case you haven't noticed, every young developer in Silicon Valley believes it is their duty to change the world…

Anyway, Hey! VINA is like a dating app, only it's for platonic girlfriends. Women swipe left or right like they would on Tinder and, if there's mutual interest, the site suggests they meet up straight away by "grabbing" a non-committal coffee.

Many will wonder if technology is the solution or the problem here. They'll probably note that people have hundreds of Facebook friends but very few people to call upon when their car gets clamped and they need a credit card number pronto.

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