Monday 23 April 2018

Katie Byrne: not up for discussion

Are some feminist groups closing down debate?

Features writer Katie Byrne
Features writer Katie Byrne
Katie Byrne

Katie Byrne

A few months ago I read a Twitter conversation started by Caitlin Moran. The exchange began when the author congratulated Kiran Gandhi for running the London Marathon during her period without wearing a tampon.

Gandhi told reporters she did it to de-stigmatise menstruation, and a number of women joined Moran in congratulating her. However, a few men questioned her message. One suggested that she should have worn a T-shirt or some other garment that outlined her cause - otherwise "most people would think she'd had an accident".

Another male Twitter follower of Moran's asked how we would react if a man performed a similar stunt, before questioning the hygiene of free-bleeding. "You'd object if a lady on a train had a nosebleed and did nothing to stop it being flicked around," he wrote.

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