Wednesday 13 December 2017

Katie Byrne: a room without a view

Bedsits now meet minimum standards but there's no accounting for taste

Features writer Katie Byrne
Features writer Katie Byrne
Katie Byrne

Katie Byrne

I've been tentatively looking for a place of my own: a one-bedroom rental where I can walk around in my underwear, keep strange hours and eat jars of peanut butter while gloriously safe in the knowledge that all the food in the fridge belongs entirely to me.

The options are limited. After a little browsing, I soon realised that I'll have to pay not much less than the rental price of a two-bedroom apartment in order to get somewhere decent.

The other option is a unit in which the bedside table is a gas cooker and the only decorative piece is the regulation fire blanket that is affixed to the wall. A room of one's own where the microwave is balanced on top of the television and the wide-backed nursing home chair looks suspiciously like someone took their last breath in it.

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