Sunday 17 December 2017

Johnny Fallon: Social media is not the great evil many politicians try to paint it

Johnny Fallon

All of a sudden everyone seems to be talking about social media. Especially those who have little or no experience of it. As usual, everyone is an expert.

The latest raft of people condemning online activity centres on the area of abuse and bullying. These are, of course, very real and genuine problems. However, they are problems that run much deeper than social media. Bullying has been with us for many years and many have fallen victim to it.

Before the internet, people sometimes didn’t even realise how serious or vitriolic it could be. Nowadays of course this abuse can be viewed online, which leaves a record. It is important to remember that bullying is not caused by the internet or social media, rather it is a tool used by bullies and they will always find another way.

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