Monday 22 January 2018

Johnny Fallon: Croke Park is the battleground this year ... and that's bad news for Labour

THE political landscape has changed a lot in the last year ... 2011 was something of a roller coaster of news. While 2012 may not be dawning in the atmosphere of government chaos that we saw last year, there is every reason to think that it will be very eventful in its own right.

Ten months in power and it is safe to say the honeymoon is over for the government. The Christmas break will have offered some respite after the budget but those in the corridors of power know that the real test is only beginning. There are some key points we should look out for in the coming months that will decide the fate of this government. Whether we like it or not, the full answer to our problems does not lie in our own hands.

As an economy dependent on trade we are still awaiting on real movement in Europe. The government can still add weight and pressure to the EU but first it needs to be clear on what it expects the ultimate resolution to be. Its quite clear that if the euro is to survive then it means a new treaty and significant debt write-offs in return for greater fiscal co operation. In a nutshell, that’s probably what the Irish government would like but it still fears to say it in case its told that they are eroding sovereignty again.

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